What are the system requirements for SecureIT Desktop?

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 All Editions
  • Windows 11 All Editions
How do I set a Network Profile?

Each time SecureIT detects a new network has been connected, it will automatically prompt to select a Network Profile. SecureIT will suggest the best default template based on the IP address of the network, but any profile can be chosen.

Does the SecureIT Firewall support IPv6?

Yes, the SecureIT Plus firewall supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

What is a Network Profile?

A network profile is a template containing custom firewall rules and settings that can be easily applied to multiple networks.

Can the SecureIT Bloatware scanner remove more than one program at a time?

Yes, the SecureIT Bloatware scanner can remove multiple programs detected in a single scan.

How do I setup a Scheduled Bloatware scan?

In the Tune Up tab of the SecureIT console, there is an entry called Scheduled Scan. In this screen you can select the frequency at which the computer should be scanned.

Where can I find the download for the software?

You can download SecureIT here – http://products.securitycoverage.com/download/secureit

How do I set up a scheduled scan?

In the Scanning tab of the SecureIT console, there is an entry called Scheduled Scans in the left-hand menu. In this screen you can select which hard drives to scan, and the frequency at which they should be scanned.

How do I know that SecureIT is working on my computer?

You can open the SecureIT console at any time to check the status of the SecureIT services. If each status is green, then SecureIT is running smoothly.

What is SecureIT Guarantee?

If your PC suffers an infection-related issue while using SecureIT Plus, and we are unable to repair the issue ourselves, we will pay up to $100 to have your PC repaired at a shop local to you. To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  1. SecureIT Plus must have been installed by a certified SecureIT technician.
  2. The technician must have verified that your PC was free of any infections at the time of installation.
  3. The infection must have occurred while SecureIT Plus was installed.
  4. A certified SecureIT technician must be allowed to attempt to fix the issue. SecurityCoverage, at its sole discretion, will determine when it is appropriate for you to engage an outside computer repair entity.

SecurityCoverage reserves the right to deny the guarantee claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted. This guarantee applies ONLY to SecureIT Plus. SecureIT Mobile and the SecurityCoverage Mobile Suite are covered by their own guarantee terms and conditions.

What is Resolve Now?

The Resolve Now button is a one-click fix for SecureIT status issues. If you happen to see a red or yellow status within the SecureIT console, clicking this button will run through a series of checks and fixes to resolve the issue automatically. In computers with an HDD, this will also run a disk defrag.

How do I run a scan?

The Status View of the SecureIT console includes a Quick Scan button, which can be used to check for malware in known locations where it likes to hide. Custom and complete scans can be initiated from the Scanning tab in the console. You can also right-click a file or folder in Windows and select “Scan with SecureIT” from the context menu.

How do I set a firewall rule?

In the Settings tab of the SecureIT console, there is an entry called Firewall in the left-hand menu. Underneath this entry is a sub-menu called Firewall Rules. Here you can choose to add a new rule. When creating a rule you can specify a particular executable the rule should apply to, whether the rule should allow or block traffic, and the IP addresses and services the rule should apply to. You can also create a custom protocol.

Is SecureIT compatible with the anti-virus or firewall I already have?

No. SecureIT is a full-featured anti-virus and firewall program and, as such, will conflict with other anti-virus and firewall products. Any previously installed anti-virus and/or firewall products must be uninstalled before SecureIT is installed. Please note this does not include the built-in Windows Firewall (which cannot be uninstalled); this is disabled automatically when SecureIT is installed.

How often do I need to scan my computer to remain safe?

Performing regular scans is not necessary with SecureIT, as the real-time anti-virus engine is always monitoring your system for malicious files and activity. You may set a scheduled scan to run according to your preference; we recommend a weekly scan if you choose to set a schedule.

How can I view the log of SecureIT activity?

The Reporting tab of the SecureIT console displays all SecureIT activity, including scan reports, firewall logs, and activity related to Parental Controls. This information is also submitted to your myportal.securitycoverage.com site for online viewing.

Does SecureIT update automatically?

Yes, SecureIT will check for new updates every ten minutes. Typically there are new updates available at least once an hour, so you can rest assured you always have the latest and greatest virus definitions.

When SecureIT detects an infection, what do I need to do?

Typically, no action is required from you; SecureIT will automatically take care of the infection. You can perform a manual scan if you like, as a “peace of mind” check that nothing else is hiding on the machine. If you are getting constant messages that SecureIT is detecting infections, it would be a good idea to contact our support team to investigate further.