In our recent webinar, “Winning the Managed Wi-Fi Opportunity”, we polled service providers about their Wi-Fi programs and considerations for enhancing them.

First, we asked, how many of your subscribers have issues with their Wi-Fi? As we expected, the numbers weren’t great. 62% of webinar attendees answered that over 40% of their customers have issues with Wi-Fi. What this translates to is customers calling in regularly, complaining there are issues with the Internet service? This can pull resources from your other initiatives overwhelm your help desk and lead to increased truck rolls.

The second question we asked was: What percentage of your customers takes advantage of your managed Wi-Fi program? 67% of respondents said that less than 10% of their customers take advantage of this service, or that they don’t offer a managed Wi-Fi program at all.

These responses tell us that a large percentage of our customers have Wi-Fi issues but few are covered by a managed Wi-Fi program. There is an opportunity to take advantage of and offer a Wi-Fi Support solution to take care of those customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating or enhancing your Wi-Fi support program:

  1. What kind of plan(s) are you going to offer? What is your level of coverage? – A great solution would be anyone with any Wi-Fi issues would have a place to go to have their problems solved. Hopefully that is you.
  2. Staffing and capabilities – Support is often overlooked or underestimated. Is your staff trained to handle the myriad of Wi-Fi issues? Are they available 24/7/365? Tech problems don’t go off the clock.
  3. Return on Investment – This can be calculated as additional revenue, increased margins, or reduced costs related to support. Are your returns being maximized?
  4. Is your plan scalable? – 7 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices will be produced over the next 3 years. Does your plan build in this kind of growth?

There are many other considerations to make but hopefully this gives you an idea of the types of things to think of when building out your Wi-Fi program. Our webinar “Wi-Fi Support: Winning the Managed Wi-Fi Opportunity has been recorded and is available to view. This presentation goes into the people, process and tools that SecurityCoverage utilizes to deliver a great Wi-Fi Support solution. If you would like more information on how SecurityCoverage can help please give us a call at 1-877-725-4839 or email us at

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