The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scores are in. Stop us if you heard this before but… consumers have, once again, ranked Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) at the bottom for customer satisfaction. ISP scores remained below Municipal Utilities, Health Insurance companies and even Airlines. While the overall industry scores for ISP’s have held steady this year at 64, some of the bigger companies are even lower.

Low ACSI Scores Show that ISP's Have Opportunity to DifferentiateScores for Internet Service Providers (LINK)

Scores for All Industries (LINK)

While these low scores could be due to traditional issues like: long hold times, poor first call resolution and inadequate troubleshooting; things like confusion on who to call for support, an influx of new connected devices, and Wi-Fi connection issues may compound these bad scores. These are growing issues that some companies are not staffed or trained to handle.

The good news is that you have an opportunity to differentiate from the competition. By focusing on support, Airlines and Utility Companies jumped over 4 points in one year.  You can elevate your companies’ support experience without the cost of building out support infrastructure, cultivating an expansive knowledge-base or hiring additional staff to handle specialized requests.

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