Just like your customers, SecurityCoverage employees crave the newest technology available in everything from personal computing and components, down to handheld devices and wearables. So we decided to ask our employees what they have on their wish-list this holiday season. Below is a list of some of the top tech gift ideas along with employee comments regarding each device.

HTC Vive ($799) – I personally bought one of these on black Friday and it is absolutely amazing. It is a virtual reality headset that comes with two tracking cameras and two motion controllers. If someone has the funds and the space to set it up (min 5 ft x 5 ft space) it is one of the coolest experiences out there. This is a new technology from earlier in the year. It doesn’t look amazing as you see someone using it or watch 2d videos of the games, but when you put on the goggles it feels like you are in the 3d world with seamless tracking of the controllers that are essentially your hands in virtual reality. Whether you are driving a race car, climbing a mountain cliff, or shooting rifles it’s an amazing experience that everyone needs to try if given the opportunity.

Bose QC35 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones ($350) – Apple is removing the headphone jack from the iPhone and “noise-canceling” functionality is a must-have for those that work in an open-office environment. These headphones will work with your iOS and Android devices, and with wireless capabilities you can use it for 20 hours before recharging or using the optional wire instead.

Google Home ($129) – While I don’t think I’ll be able to take full advantage of its full potential as a smart home device in terms of syncing with appliances and thermostats, the Google Home works great for a variety of other features. It works great as a Bluetooth speaker, answers random questions me or my friends may have with great accuracy. It can even play music based on context. For example I could tell it to play that Led Zeppelin song from “The Fighter” soundtrack and with that little information Google Home can find the song for you.


Microsoft Surface Book ($1299.99-3299.99) – I’ve wanted one of these since they came out, but kind of glad that I waited. The new Surface Books can be very powerful computers if equipped properly. It runs Windows 10 with no problem and using graphics programs on it is a breeze with the touch capability and stylus. The on-board solid state hard drive means that startup of the device and pretty much any program is lightning fast.

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These are just of few the great submissions we received. What are some of the top tech gifts your employees or customers are wishing for? Don’t forget if any of your customers need help with setup on their new devices you can be their go-to source for support with TotalTech Services or TotalTech Premium subscriptions or one-time fixes.

Happy Holidays!

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