If you weren’t able to get that deal you wanted on electronics on Black Friday, Cyber Monday is here to give you a second chance! As you probably know, Cyber Monday is the largest online shopping day of the year and the same security threats exist today that did on Friday. IBM Security has given us some things to be cautious of.

  1. Beware of Unexpected Package Tracking Emails: Researchers have seen cybercriminals actively linking to malicious malware in emails disguised as major retailers. These emails will have links that say they are tracking codes but will link to dangerous malware, including one we’ve had past experience with: Locky.
  2. Opt to use Credit Cards, Not Debit: Credit Cards offer more consumer protections if your card is compromised. Also, this won’t impact your checking account.
  3. Use Strong Unique Passwords at all Online Stores: Never use the same password and email address for online retailers. If one of these retailers is hacked (Which we have seen in the past) your information is compromised for all online stores you shop at. Use Password Genie to help you create and store secure, unique passwords for your online shopping.
  4. Only Use Trusted Apps: It’s probably safe to use apps like Amazon, iTunes, etc. but be careful of discount deal apps. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you haven’t heard of it, don’t use it. Check ratings and reviews in your respective app stores.

For more great tips on Cyber Monday security, visit the link above or click here. Be safe and Happy Shopping!

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