Here’s a scenario you may be familiar with… One of your customer’s calls in with a connection issue. They just got a new tablet and they are trying to connect to their home network. The directions in the box tell them how easy it is, but, the tablet makers must have forgotten Murphy’s law. So, over the next 45 minutes you are berated by an unhappy customer because “the Internet isn’t working” thus ruining your day, their day, and wasting a ton of time.

51% of US Consumers switch service providers due to poor experiences (READ OUR NEW INFOGRAPHIC!). Now, chances are you’re not at fault in this situation, but with stats like this, you’re probably looking to do anything possible to keep that customer.

The good news is this is a great opportunity. SecurityCoverage has the solutions and experience to make you an expert in all things tech. Our Tech Home offering gives your customers products they demand and the support they need to make sure that new tablet is going to work perfectly on their home network. Best of all Tech Home is a plug and play solution. We do all the heavy lifting with integration, marketing support, provisioning and bundling options.

Your customer looks to you, the service provider, first to help them in scenarios like the one mentioned above. Why would you let that money be spent elsewhere?

Customer experience is the future. In fact within the next few years, it’s estimated that 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience (THAT GREAT INFOGRAPHIC AGAIN). Make sure that your company is not left behind. Let SecurityCoverage help out with Tech Home!

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