Bloatware is tough to classify. A lot of new PCs come with these programs pre-installed. You can find bloatware in new PC add-ons, trialware, utilities like browser bars, and adware. Downloading and installing new applications can also unknowingly add it to your computer (make sure you’re reading through the install details!). Occasionally you may even find some bloatware useful. One thing is for certain though; too much bloatware will slow down your computer.

Since the introduction of SecureIT, we have seen thousands of cases of slow computers due to bloatware. To help with some of this slow down, we have developed a new bloatware removal tool! This tool will scan your computer and locate possible bloatware programs. It will then allow you to start removal of these programs directly from SecureIT Plus. To see how the tool works please read this How-To¬†article. If you’re customers are experiencing PC slow down and they have SecureIT Plus installed, tell them to give this a try. They may be surprised at what they find!

We are constantly trying to improve on our products and we hope that your customers will find this new tool useful. The bloatware scanning and removal tool is now available in SecureIT Plus and all Tech Home packages.

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