What is that bright thing up there in the sky? Oh right, it’s the sun! The snow has melted, warmer weather is on the way and you’re feeling the itch… the itch to get organized.

It is totally natural. In fact, we may even be wired to spring clean. Winter means less sunlight and less sunlight means our bodies produce less serotonin. Less serotonin means we are more likely to spend the winter lying around the house under blankets and watching full seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix streaming.

So when spring finally breaks and the sun comes out, we’re naturally energized and want to get our lives in order. But why limit that to your physical life? Your digital life needs to be scrubbed and organized too!

Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Scrub your accounts. How many logins and passwords do you have? Collect them all and eliminate any that are outdated, no longer in use or inaccurate.
  • Cut the clutter. Do you use the same password on multiple accounts? Sure, it might not matter if someone gains access to that random website you share baking tips on… but if you use the same password for your online banking site you might end up short some dough.
  • Polish those passwords. Sorry, but your birthday and last name is not going to cut it. The most commonly used passwords include things like “password” and “12345678”. Avoid these obvious phrases and opt for complicated passwords that include numbers, symbols and both upper and lower letters.
  • Organize your favorites. Use Password Genie, to categorize your favorite websites. Worried about remembering all of those usernames and unique, complicated passwords you just created? Don’t fret. Password Genie securely saves them and auto-fills usernames and passwords into your favorite websites.

Password Genie offers a hassle free way to save and organize your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers, hotel points, frequent flyer numbers, etc., so you can toss those undecipherable handwritten notes and cut the clutter. Add Password Genie mobile so you always have your information on the go! Not only will Password Genie help you spring clean your digital life, it will eliminate time-consuming data entry in the future so you can spend more time enjoying beautiful summer days.

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