SecurityCoverage is very pleased to announce the upcoming release of Password Genie Android 4.1! The updated version will include several new features, including free and premium versions and single user registrations. The password manager you love now has more download options and is easier to install than ever!

Now your favorite electronic wallet, Password Genie, will be available as a free app for saving your logins and bookmarks and creating folders to organize them in. The free version can be used for as long as you like with no more 30-day trial limitation! With a convenient in-app purchase you will be able to upgrade to Password Genie Premium to unlock the full power of your mobile wallet! Premium gives you a full list of categories to choose from, plus you can create your own custom categories, attach pictures with your saved data, sync with your desktop version of Password Genie, set-up automatic form-fill information and set birthday reminders.

Password Genie Android 4.1 also includes a simplified registration process so you’ll no longer need to enter a license key during installation. Now you will be able to simply register with your desired email address and password. If you’re already a Password Genie user, or are currently using another SecurityCoverage product, just use the same email address and password and you’ll be able to view all of your products within your customized MyPortal page!

Password Genie Data Protection offers uncomplicated and secure data protection with industrial strength encryption so you’ll never have to fear for your password and data security. Keep an eye on our blog for future product releases and updates!

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