SecurityCoverage launches new Android mobile apps
Users can now try before they buy with FREE and Premium app purchase models.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (April 18, 2013)
Demand for mobile device and data protection has steadily increased as consumers become aware of mobile threats. Responding to these trends, SecurityCoverage today revamped its Android applications to allow users to access new free trial versions of its industry-leading products. The newly released apps allow mobile users to try a free, basic-function version of SecureIT, Password Genie, and FileHopper for as long as they like. This ensures that the user’s app will not expire, and makes unlocking the full-function Premium version easy via in-app purchasing.

“Moving to a free and premium model allows users to learn more about our apps and how they protect user devices and their valuable data,” said SecurityCoverage Product Manager, Matt Forbis. “Many mobile users don’t realize the security risks, nor do they realize how convenient our apps make it to take their personal information with them everywhere. Our apps add value on both fronts, and we feel a free trial offers the best experience to try them on for size without any risk.”

In addition to the Free version changes, each of the company’s three Android apps offers a number of other new features:

  • SecureIT Mobile: Now offers a more streamlined installation process, an updated user interface, and a modified back-end with better cloud scanning support, which make this an even stronger anti-virus and anti-theft option.
  • Password Genie Mobile: Now has upgraded the user interface and offers a simplified install process that makes protecting your personal data easier than ever.
  • FileHopper: Also has a revamped user interface, giving it a more modern look-and-feel that allows users to access its features more easily.

These products can be downloaded directly to Android smartphones and tablets via the Google Play store as free trials, and feature the ability to easily upgrade to the Premium version via a simple in-app purchase.

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SecurityCoverage, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile and desktop security software, data protection, file sharing/backup and technical support services. Founded in 2003 with a clear mission to simplify the use of technology and provide world class customer service, we remain relentlessly dedicated to protecting consumer devices and personal data. Today, nearly 400 partners from diverse markets like broadband, retail and warranty help SecurityCoverage achieve its mission for consumers everywhere. Product and company information is available at


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