SecurityCoverage’s Tech Home Growth Signals Paradigm Shift in Consumer Marketplace
Tech Home Product Line Demonstrates Increasing Demand and Revenue for ISP Providers

Cedar Rapids, IA (March 23, 2015)

SecurityCoverage’s Tech Home Growth Signals Paradigm Shift in Consumer Marketplace.

Advanced Distribution of SecurityCoverage Tech Home Product Line Demonstrates Increasing Consumer Demand

and Recurring Revenue for ISP Providers.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (March 23, 2015) – SecurityCoverage Inc., a leading provider of mobile and desktop security software, data protection, and technical support services, today reported vibrant growth for its Tech Home branded Internet of Things (IoT) security and support solutions product line.

Since the original launch of Tech Home in April 2014, new consumer activations have grown substantially. Revenues from the product line have grown to represent 10% of SecurityCoverage’s overall product revenue. This trend is projected to increase in 2015 as more existing partners convert from SecurityCoverage legacy products to the new Tech Home solution.

SecurityCoverage’s recent wholesale growth is accredited to their expanded distribution partnerships with several large Tier 2 Cable, Telecom, and Internet Service Providers (ISP) including:

  • Ritter Communications headquartered in Jonesboro, AR.
  • Metronet headquartered in Evansville, IN.
  • All West Communications headquartered in Kamas, UT.
  • Vast Broadband headquartered in Sikeston, MO.
  • Shentel Communications headquartered in Edinburg, VA.

“Tech Home provides ISP Operators the opportunity to re-invent the customer experience by providing critical premium tech support and IoT security. We have not only regained subject matter expert status with our customers but have also become a one-stop-shop for all data and tech-related needs,” said Trent Taylor, Ritter Communications Product Manager.

Tech Home managed solutions provide a unique combination of Internet & data security software, cloud backup, and robust 24|7 Premium Technical Support for most IoT Consumer Electronic devices. This exclusive formula proves to create a dynamic new revenue stream and enhanced customer experience for ISP and MSO Providers.

“Lack of connected device interoperability as well as Internet security has become a major point of pain for the connected consumer and continues to become more pronounced as more and more devices enter the home. As consumers continue adopting these devices, the necessity for providers to offer additional support like Tech Home only heightens,” said Bob Humphrey, Metronet Communications’ Director of Technology.

“Tech Home provides an essential customer experience for our customers, neighbors, and friends which allows us to truly ‘own’ the connected home customer experience” adds Bridget Watkins, All West Communication VP Sales and Marketing.

As consumer home Wi-Fi networks continue to expand, the consumer’s demand for premium technical support will continue to mature and the pressure for ISP providers to figure it out only magnifies. Tech Home meets the security and technical support needs of connected consumers while maximizing revenue and extending the operator’s brand deeper into the connected home.

Jon Bartleson, SecurityCoverage, Inc. COO, states, “The movement of ISPs to facilitate a connected home security and support offering is clearly driving the sales growth we are experiencing for our all-inclusive Tech Home solution.”

SecurityCoverage’s latest research shows that 65% of Internet subscribers expect their service provider to protect both their mobile and PC devices. Consumers rely heavily on their connected devices for business, organizational, and even social connectivity. The home networking environment has become less of a futuristic luxury and more of a standard as broadband access and home networking devices and technology continue to rapidly improve. Consumer home networks are becoming more complex. Difficulty with interoperability and security will naturally escalate as more connected devices enter the home.

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