filehopper_snackLife for your computer can be quite perilous. From hard drive crashes and getting hacked, to Big Gulp spills and even human error (gasp), a lot can go wrong. Hardware can be replaced, but your music collection, family photos, emails and financial documents could be gone forever.

Our products protect your computer with SecureIT’s anitvirus and Password Genie’s secure password management. FileHopper Plus is the last line of defense, keeping a secure copy of your important files safely out of harm’s way.

What’s better, FileHopper Plus and FileHopper for mobile sync so you have access across desktop machines and mobile devices.

To access your files on-the-go, download FileHopper for just $.99/year at the Google Play store (coming soon on your Apple iOS devices, too!).

Current Online Backup Users:
FileHopper Plus is an update for existing Online Backup users. The next time you open Online Backup, you’ll see a few changes:

The Online Backup name and logo will be replaced by FileHopper Plus.

iFolder on your desktop will now be called FileHopper.

FileHopper will show in-progress and completed syncs, as well as several technical updates that make larger files load more quickly and allow you to scan categories and determine backup file changes more effectively.

Your screen may flash during the update of the product, this is normal and a result of the new drivers being installed.

Just visit our support section or call (877) 373-3320 if you need a hand or have any questions about the transition.


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