time-settingsWe’re excited to announce a new release of SecureIT! Here’s what’s new:

Google ID Integration
Tired of making new accounts for everything? Now you can register SecureIT using your Google ID. Super quick and easy.

Windows 8 Compatibility
SecureIT is now optimized to work with the shiny new Windows 8.

More Suction (aka improved malware cleanup process)
Enhanced malware cleanup, meaning SecureIT gets rid of even more malware-related registry entries, and improved detection and removal of running processes and rootkits.

Easier to Use Parental Controls
SecureIT has a great feature that allows parents to set restrictions on web use for each of their children’s profiles. This feature is now easier to use with a graphical calendar interface (below).

All of these new features are available on new install or reinstall with updates being pushed soon.


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