FileHopper Android now backs up contacts, call and SMS history.
Android users get expanded data protection with SecurityCoverage new release.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (March 07, 2013)
Who are you kidding… you can’t live without your smartphone. If your device has ever been lost, damaged, or stolen, then you know the feeling of panic that sets in. Finding and re-entering all your contact information is a hassle, not to mention the loss of your call and SMS history. FileHopper Android now helps you solve these problems! Users already rely on FileHopper to easily share, back up and access photos, documents, and other files. But today’s release makes backing up contacts, call history, and text message histories a snap, as well.

FileHopper Android v3.8 is a cloud based hub for your photos, work documents, important emails, financial data, passwords, and now also backs up your contacts, call history, and text message history. FileHopper v3.8 helps you organize your files and data by securely backing up these important files and allowing you to access and share them from anywhere, any device. Other useful features of FileHopper v3.8 for Android include:

  • Access files saved in FileHopper anywhere: mobile device, computer, or any web browser. 5GB, 50GB, and 250GB storage amounts available.
  • Easily add files from home with the free FileHopper desktop client.
  • Your files are always secured and completely backed up in the cloud, even if your device is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Convenient auto-save contacts, photos, files, or important text messages.
  • Free 24/7 Support, 365 days a year to a LIVE technician!

“As people’s lives become more connected in a mobile world, our customers told us they wanted the data protection these new features offer,” said SecurityCoverage Product Manager Heather Rutledge. “Lost and stolen devices are a real risk. Adding these features means a lost device doesn’t have to mean the loss of your critical personal data.”

About SecurityCoverage
SecurityCoverage, Inc. provides fully managed, fully supported, mobile and desktop computing security and technical support services to individual users through a partnership group of Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications and Cable companies, and other providers across the nation. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the privately-owned company offers Internet security protection, online data backup, password management, virtual PC repair, help desk support, and customer portal framework. Product and company information is available at


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