Backup-CompleteHow did we get so reliant on our mobile devices? Oh wait, now I remember – they are sooo convenient! Having a smartphone is like carrying a mini computer. And last time I checked, a smartphone fit easier in my pocket than a laptop. If you’ve ever had a device lost, damaged, or stolen, it can be a panic. Finding and re-entering all your contact information is a hassle, not to mention the loss of your call and SMS history.

With FileHopper Android v3.8 the panic is over! Easily back up, and access your photos, documents, and now device contacts, call history, and text message history. Yes, you read that correctly – FileHopper now backs up device contacts, call history, and text history!

Other useful features of FileHopper Android v3.8 include:

  • Access files saved in FileHopper anywhere: mobile device, computer, or any web browser. 5GB, 50GB, and 250GB storage amounts available.
  • Easily add files from home with the free FileHopper desktop client.
  • Your files are always secured and completely backed up in the cloud, even if your device is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Seamlessly share files across all your devices with FileHopper desktop client.
  • Convenient auto-save contacts, photos, files, or important text messages.
  • Free 24/7 Support, 365 days a year to a LIVE technician!

Why are you still reading this? Check it out for yourself and download your free trial of FileHopper v3.8 for Android today!

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