Each March, millions of extreme college basketball fans join forces with casual basketball fans to create an über-obsessive audience that will be captivated by “the brackets”.

People will spend endless hours meticulously analyzing each line, each match-up, and ultimately each pick within their brackets.  Without question; the madness of March, Cinderella stories, buzzer beaters, and playing hooky from work to catch those Thursday afternoon games (shhh) help us all cope with the last official month of winter boredom.  It’s in this spirit that SecurityCoverage presents the 2013 March Mayhem Bracket Challenge.

Participating Partners will compete “sale to sale” in hopes of progressing through the SecurityCoverage bracket for a chance at winning a FULL sized popcorn maker and supplies that the whole office can enjoy year round; along with bragging rights!  In the words of Dick Vitale, “It’s gonna be awesome baby; with a capital A.

Check back with us each week for bracket standings, updates, and to follow in the action.

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