Its crispy, flaky crust baked around that warm & sweet, fruit filled center; topped with vanilla ice cream melting around the edges.  “Mmmmm… Pie…” (Homer Simpson voice)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months it’s highly unlikely you’ve missed the buzz about this pie – The Connected Home!  Tier 1 operators Comcast, Frontier, and AT&T are now promoting new smart home products.  As expected the big box retailers like Staples and Lowe’s have claimed their piece by extended their products into the connected home.  Mobile operators have grabbed their piece of the action by expanding their smart device portfolio with portable Mi-Fi devices and tablets!  Google even paid $3.2 billion (that’s a lot of pie) for Nest thermostats.  The question facing the industry right now isn’t “What flavor is it?”  Every taste we get is… ADDITIONAL REVENUE!

The Connected Home pie taste so good that everyone is scrambling just to get a piece before it’s gone.  Maybe it’s just me but I’m always looking for a second helping, especially with pie.  Perhaps a better question for the industry should be…  “Who’s going to make more pie?”  We are greedy consumers – no one can eat just one.

The quick adoption rate of smart devices will create a whole new taste sensation.  Consumer expectations will be different for smart home devices.  A technical problem with my smart phone is one thing.  But a technical problem with my network that affects my whole home and family’s safety becomes a lot bigger problem.  For this reason, consumer demand for connected home support services has skyrocketed.  Who owns the connected home?   Think about the one commonality of the connected home environment, the Wi-Fi network.  Who supplies that network?  The ISP.  Consumers will turn to you for support and making all of their connected devices work on their network.

You bake more pies!

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