Your core services and triple play bundle take top priority to your success.  But how do you effectively and resourcefully drive take rates of your Value Added Services?  We understand that our partners’ marketing staff is frequently lean and hard-pressed to drive competing priorities.  So how do you ensure you are using the right tactics, approaches, and materials to maximize the importance of VAS like those offered through SecurityCoverage?

Effective marketing strategies are based on thorough research and strategic analysis of your marketplace and business objectives.  Executed properly; marketing plans should be dynamic and under no circumstances should a marketing plan lay dormant.  You want to lift overall APRU but doing so requires planning; and planning takes time and resources you just don’t have…


CCComm-QuoteWe work closely with you to better understand your customer demographics and how to effectively communicate with them.  We use current tactics and trends that we’ve seen work successfully across our nearly 400 partners.  That means we can help you deliver the most diverse and successful tactics that must be considered to effectively communicate with your subscriber base.

Not only is our marketing support FREE to all partners – we can prove it WILL increase revenue!

tableRecently we examined the sales of those partners who utilize our predesigned monthly marketing campaigns vs. those who don’t advertise.  We noticed an astonishing difference!  Those who actively advertise saw an average increase of .20% in monthly penetration rate during Q1 2014!  Some partners have seen as much as a .50% increase in penetration month over month.

We know you have goals and we believe we can help you meet them.  Let us prove it by increasing your penetration rate and APRU with add-on services like TechHome!

Check out our monthly marketing campaigns via your partner portal or CLICK HERE to join us for our monthly marketing meeting in which we provide a sneak peek of our upcoming campaigns and tactics.

Don’t leave money on the table, maximize your marketing TODAY!

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