Today, we released the latest update to our Partner Portal, the tool our partners use to provision, manage and understand the products used by their customers.  The improvements focus on a number of upgrades in process for several months by our development team.  The key upgrades are:

  • Access to real-time reporting via the Portal, allowing you to pull real time snapshots of registered, unregistered and installed products as well as historical reporting of account activity.
  • Customer lookup has been enhanced to more efficiently search the customer database.
  • Provisioning of products and altering customer records have been improved

Additionally, we have released a new Portal User Guide that will allow you to easily understand how and where you can accomplish many of the most common functions of our portal.  Registered partners can find the new document on our partner portal.

Making it easy to do business with us is a key goal of our leadership team, and we believe this release is a positive step forward.  If you have any ideas for improvements, please let your account manager know and they will share your ideas with our team.

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