The First OneThe story of the first photo ever posted to the Internet has been making the digital rounds, the first one, reminding us all that the last 20 years of the www have been “on the record”.

We at SecurityCoverage are excited to be adding to that record with the launch of our blog!

So who is SecurityCoverage? We get digital security, password management and file sharing. And we understand that it all can get complex. Our mobile and desktop applications are designed to make it security simple, as well as make your devices more productive and enjoyable. We work with great partners and pride ourselves in our exceptional support. Learn more about what we do.

We’re excited to share with you and learn from you! So please, let us know what you think as we explore the industry, do battle with malware and grow successful partnerships through these posts.

One day, we hope to look back at our “first one”, proud of how much we’ve grown!

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