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SecurityCoverage was founded in 2003 with a clear mission: simplify the use of technology and provide world class customer service. We are committed to these two simple precepts. Our vision is to deliver on this mission through development of industry leading software and services that support multiple industries.

Serving customers in the digital world can get very complicated. You want to provide quality products with outstanding customer service. Your residential and business customers don’t want to worry about security, viruses or how to adapt to new technology. And when they hit a snag, they want friendly help… right away.


Our products and services are backed by a state-of-the-art support center. Your unique needs drive the support solutions we tailor to your business. Script-based support training is antiquated. Instead, we utilize problem solving techniques that promote intelligence and flexibility rather than memorization. And, we make it easy for your customers to reach our Midwest-based technicians via chat, web or phone 24|7|365. We work tirelessly to ensure 100% satisfaction every day.


We provide customized software and support solutions to hundreds of internet service providers and retailers across the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Every service we offer and product we build is driven by the vision of our partners and the satisfaction of the customers they serve. Learn more About SecurityCoverage and become a partner today! Give us a call at (877) 725-4839 or contact us.

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