Whether it’s computers, smart devices, retro gaming consoles or lifestyle gadgets, the 2017 holiday season is going to be the biggest ever for tech gifts. We decided again, this year, to ask our employees what they have on their tech wish lists for 2017. Below are some of their responses.

Top Tech Gifts 2017 - SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic ($79.99 in store, if you can find it)

“I would love an SNES classic. Classic video games are a great hobby and nostalgic. The SNES Classic looks and feels like the original 90s system only smaller. With 20 classic games plus the never before released StarFox 2, this mini-console has been in high demand since its release in October and should be a hot holiday gift.”

Top Tech Gifts 2017 - Instant Pot

Instant Pot ($159.99)

“The Instant Pot 7-in-1 Smart electric pressure cooker is an appliance with the ability to take the place of 7 common kitchen appliances. The free app that’s included, provides recipes and executes cooking procedures from your device. The app also lets you monitor your meal from the device!”

Top Tech Gifts 2017 - Maxoak Power Pack

Maxoak 50,000 mAh Power Pack ($129.99)

“With everything on-the-go, it’s both nice and convenient to have a way to charge your devices on the go. The Maxoak, ultra-high capacity power pack is the last portable charger you will ever need. It features 6 ports including 4 USB ports, 1 20V and 1 12V. While a bit bulky, it makes mobile charging better than ever before.”

Top Tech Gifts 2017 - Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ($950.00)

“The ultimate Android phone (for now). The Galaxy Note 8 was released a few months ago and is a bigger, faster and more customizable alternative to the iPhone X. You too can be one of the people laughing at all the Apple fanboys going crazy over not being able to get their hands on the iPhone X.”

These are a few of the great submissions we received. What kinds of tech gifts are your employees and customers wishing for? Don’t forget, if any of your customers need help with setup on their new devices you can be their go-to source with TotalTech Premium support subscriptions or one-time TotalTech Services.

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