You finished the holiday present unwrapping frenzy and you finally got the computer, tablet or smartphone you wanted! Now what? How do you make sure your shiny new toy stays safe from thieves and hackers? Use these tips to protect the tech you love:

Get internet security software: With continuing growth in malware – up nearly 75 percent over last year – you can’t risk not having antivirus and internet security software on all of your devices— including your tablet or smartphone.

Protect it with a password: We know it’s a pain to enter it every time you open your device, but protecting your precious new toy with a password or pin to gain access is the first line of defense against cyber criminals.  We may be biased, but Password Genie is a great solution!

Backup your data: Like an insurance policy, online backup software protects the data you store on your favorite devices in case the worst should happen. Backup your important documents, photos, music, contacts and emails, so you can restore them if your device is lost, stolen or destroyed.

Keep it up-to-date: Make sure all your holiday tech has the most up-to-date operating systems, security software, apps and Web browsers installed. Turn on automatic updating so you don’t have to remember to download critical security updates.

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