That’s why they call it March Mayhem Baby! It’s only the start of week 2 and we have several “PTPer’s” (Prime-Time Performers). Both Glenwood and Adams Networks put up some huge numbers during their bye week.

Also, in a close match-up between Adams Wells and Mid-Century, Adams pulls off a buzzer beater shot to progress onto round 2.

Both Randolph Telephone and Panhandle move onto the next round with a “Slam, Bam, Jam”.

Anything can happen in this tournament; it’s still only week 2. Check out our rivals this week:

Alpine vs. Citizens (New Auburn)
Glenwood vs. Adams Networks
Channel Network Solutions vs. Adams Wells
Randolph Telephone vs. Panhandle.

Check back next week as play continues in the SecurityCoverage March Mayhem Bracket Challenge!

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