level_field-2At SecurityCoverage, we partner with the best. We’re seeing more and more smart opportunities to work with wireless providers across the country, helping them protect their customers with mobile security that rivals their biggest competitors’ offerings.

Demand Is There
Mobile malware is absolutely skyrocketing. The latest report has the figure at an over 2000% increase in just one year. It’s well documented here and here. Hackers are taking advantage of the huge growth in smartphone adoption and trying to get access to all of the important personal data we keep on our phones (Think mobile banking, mobile payment info, your contacts list, and all the other things Password Genie can help you store, but that’s another blog post.)

Everybody’s Doing It
True, the “everybody’s doing it” argument isn’t too compelling when it comes to your teenager begging to stay out past curfew. But when it comes to the wireless competitive landscape, if your competitors offer something that customers really need and you don’t, it can be a losing battle. Recently some of the big guys have taken notice to the malware trend and are offering their customers mobile security (AT&T and Verizon).

So hopefully you can see where this is going. SecurityCoverage works with wireless providers to seamlessly offer industry-leading mobile security. We’re security experts (it’s not our middle name, but our first name). Our Mobile Suite includes antivirus and antitheft features, including the ever popular “find my phone”, as well as a password management app and cloud-based file storage for anywhere access to photos and files.

Give us a call, we’d love to walk you through how we can help you level the playing field!
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