Summer is here and we bet you’ve got plans. Vacations, family reunions, ball games and barbecues are all on the calendar. We think it’s also a good bet that you’ll take more than a few photos this summer. So what will you do with them?

Keep them on your phone or camera? Phones and cameras are great because they’re small, portable and go anywhere with you. But that also means they are easy to break or lose. When someone loses their phone, often the most difficult things to replace are personal photos. Setting an automatic photo backup can avoid heartbreaking moments like that.

Drop them on your computer? Sure, this seems like a good option, but it’s not enough. Just ask anyone who has ever had a hard drive fail. It only takes one break-in, fire, accidental deletion or BigGulp spill and all of your valuable photos are gone.

Upload them to Facebook? You post a ton of photos to social networks, that’s what they’re for, right? Wrong. Backing up photos on a social network is inherently risky. Think of all social media real estate as rented, not owned. Social networks are really, really good at sharing, and usually the only thing keeping your photos private is a privacy setting. If the past year has taught us anything it is that privacy policies change and users have no real say in the matter. Keep control of your digital privacy.

Try FileHopper Plus! FileHopper is a great way to automatically back up all of your summer photos and any other important documents. Completely secure, FileHopper Plus also gives you access to your documents on the go through any browser or your tablet or smartphone. Take control of your digital life and be sure your important photos and files are there for you, no matter what happens!

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