Perhaps you’re new to the cloud market and looking for a safe yet easy way to share your files between your home computers and mobile devices. Or perhaps you’re an existing citizen of the cloud but have some concerns with the vendors and software that are out there. Never fear! FileHopper is a great cloud alternative that addresses the primary issues related to cloud-based storage, such as:

Security – As the biggest concern for anyone uploading personal or confidential information to a cloud service, security should always be the highest priority for any cloud storage vendor. With FileHopper, you can rest assured that your data is being safely transferred and stored using 128-bit SSL and AES encryption standards, the same standard used by banks and government institutions. Plus, the FileHopper app itself can be locked with a four-digit passcode to prevent phone and tablet thieves from accessing your data.

Convenience – FileHopper travels where you travel, and allows you to keep files synced between all of your devices including Windows and Mac computers, Android phones and tablets, and coming soon to iOS devices! Even if you aren’t near your computer or mobile device, you can still access your files from any Internet-connected device through your MyPortal login site.

Capacity – Whether you need to sync only a handful of files or are looking to share your entire music collection, FileHopper has a storage capacity for you. From 2 GB to 250 GB, there is a solution for home users, on-the-go travelers, and even small business owners!

Support – Have a question you can’t find an answer to? Discover a potential issue with the app? Our 24/7 support team is only a call or click away. Call us anytime, check out our support site for self-help or to begin a chat session with a technician, or even drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. Best of all, our support is offered 100% free from our Midwest-based call center! We never charge additional fees for assisting our FileHopper customers.

More than just cloud storage – Having your frequently accessed files always at your fingertips is definitely convenient, but it’s only one facet of living in the digital age. With FileHopper Plus, you can go a step further and ensure your home and business files are completely backed up in the event of a catastrophe. FileHopper Plus can keep backup copies of all of your documents, photos, spreadsheets, music and more in our secure, off-site location.

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