So there’s no shortage of news about malware infecting Android devices. In fact, some reports say that up to a quarter of apps in the Google Play store have potential security risks. (And keep in mind, this is from the “safe” place to download apps.)

Android is taking action. They’ve recently announced built-in app scanning with Jelly Bean 4.2, which is really great news. And while more security is always a good thing, it’s not time to drop the defenses quite yet. Here’s why:

+ The built in app scanning is good, but it only scans apps on download. There are many ways your mobile device can become infected. Phishing emails, malicious text urls, and wifi infiltration are just a few of the common attacks not covered by app scans. You need a third party security app for complete protection.

+ Something to think about: Every app that is in the app store has already passed a Google screening process in order to be listed in the store. Yet reports say 1 in 4 have potential security risks. So it’s always good to have another set of eyes.

+ Apps like SecureIT offer something that 4.2’s security doesn’t: antitheft features. These features allow you to protect your device if it should be lost or stolen with remote lock, locate, message and complete data wipe. It is the last line of defense and when you need it, you NEED it.

So while the security industry is encouraged by Jelly Bean 4.2’s built in security features, it is still as important as ever to protect your mobile device with a third party security app.

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