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with over 1.2 billion active users, Facebook has become arguably the most influential element of our society’s online experience.  Although Facebook and other Social Media sites are a great way for people to stay “connected” with friends and family, it also connects them to many unsuspecting internet security risks.

It’s a social media jungle out there filled with fake profile pages, malicious links, malware installing plug-ins, and possibly most dangerous of all – shortened URLs which hide scammer-related origins.  To make matters worse; with mobile apps exploding this year, your smartphone is now also prone to security risks!   Protect your smartphone immediately using these quick and effective tactics:

  • Create and use longer passwords.  Password Genie generates secure passwords for you!  Ensure your passwords are a combination of random letters, numbers, and characters which are much harder for criminals to crack.
  • Use a reliable and secure mobile Anti-virus / Anti-theft solution.  Install SecureIT on all of your internet capable devices to protect you from hidden phishing sites and malicious links.
  • Backup important data to cloud storage.  FileHopper so you can restore your data if your device gets infected.

The impact of social media on internet security continues to swell and it is more important than ever to make sure you’re protected against the latest threats.  Protect your iPads, tablets, and Smartphone with a name you already trust!

Click here to view the Social Media Security Infographic.


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