For many students, going back to school means homework assignments, new favorite songs, new photos of friends and lots of saved files. You can’t foresee an accident that could wipe out an entire year’s worth of photos, or that 20 page paper you’ve been working on, but you can get online backup software to ensure that you can recover that data if it’s not recoverable from your hard drive.  Not only does FileHopper Plus recover your files, you can use it for a lot of everyday tasks to make your life easier:

  Access Files Everywhere: Forget the printed copy of your project at home? Log in to FileHopper online from a school computer and quickly print another copy before class.

  Share Photos:  College students take a lot of photos.  Use your FileHopper to share them with friends or family back home so everyone can see what you’re up to.

  Get Your Group Going:  Use FileHopper to share your progress on group projects, with easy access by the entire team to in-progress work.

  Watch the Phone:  Backup your smartphone’s contacts, photos and text messages in case it’s ever lost or stolen.

Studies show that most people don’t backup their digital lives.  Make sure you keep your information safe and available wherever you are so you will always be ready for life’s unexpected moments.

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