This past week a couple of us at SecurityCoverage went to the NTCA PR & Marketing Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. The city where the Civil War began. So naturally, tourism is a booming business and something we noticed was a large number of “haunted” tours. After dinner on our last night in Charleston, we went on one of these tours. A haunted jail tour on Magazine Street. The tour did not disappoint. The highlight of the tour was the tour guide himself. Sure the jail itself was creepy but this guy had his routine down. He was very knowledgeable about the jail, knew about the history of the surrounding area and he genuinely sold that this place was haunted. But the reason he had his routine so perfected is because he crafted a great story. He knew so much about his product that he could perfect the sale.

New challenges and regulations are popping up all over the place. You have to implement data caps to limit network traffic. Fiber to the Home projects. And on top of that cord-cutting of the land lines and now cable have your bottom lines hurting. As funds dwindle your company needs to look for additional revenue generators. Managed Wi-Fi, Gig speeds, OTT service and value-added services like Tech Home and TotalTech Premium can help. But everyone in your company needs to be conscripted to tell your story. Don’t just talk products and services but about your company as a whole. Educate your customers. Let them know what you have to offer. Telcos and cable companies have the same opportunity that our tour guide had. Craft your company’s story.

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