It’s November and a lot of special time with friends and family is right around the corner! Time after time we hear stories of priceless photos of loved ones lost when a phone is misplaced, account is hacked or a hard drive crashes. All too often, people learn the value of backing up precious family photos and important documents after disaster strikes. November is a great time of year to remember to protect the memories you’re thankful for with FileHopper online backup. Here are 5 great reasons to create an online backup of your files and photos this November:

1. Winter weather protection. Brutal winter weather increases the risk of electronics being destroyed in power outages and house fires, and you don’t want to find out the value of backing up your data after it’s too late.

2. Protect your backup. Tangible backup devices such as external hard drives and flash drives can be destroyed in your home along with your original device. Having a copy of your data in the cloud protects your backup from being destroyed too.

3. Holiday photo prep. Starting your online backup in November prepares you for storing your upcoming holiday photos, plus with FileHopper Mobile you can automatically backup the photos you take with your smartphone right after taking them.

4. Holiday shopping means holiday scamming. Don’t get caught without a backup when scammers and thieves steal your data. Backing up your computer is one way to avoid paying ransom fees to get your files back.

5. Keep control of your digital privacy. Share photos with friends or family over FileHopper’s secured cloud servers so they can see what you’re up to without sharing them over social networks where the only thing keeping your photos private is a privacy setting.

Have a story about backing up your data or another reason to backup? Share it with us in the comments below!

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