Keeping your computer’s operating system up to date is your best defense against viruses, malware and other digital threats. SecureIT, FileHopper and Password Genie are now Windows 8.1 compatible. In addition, the SecureIT and Password Genie upgrades also include some cool new features that make them even more user-friendly!

Customers often ask for new features to be added to our products and the latest release of Password Genie includes a few highly-requested additions. Customers can now import log-ins from two other password managers (LastPass and 1Password). We’ve also included an option to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Finally, Password Genie’s form fill feature is now available via an embedded toolbar button for easy toggling between profiles.

SecureIT and SecureIT Plus now automatically check for driver updates, and install or reinstall the appropriate drivers to keep your computer running fast. Also, if SecureIT detects a conflicting antivirus program during installation, it now includes a button to automatically uninstall the detected program if it has an uninstall application. During uninstall, customers will now be prompted to keep or delete any items that are currently in the quarantine. Choosing delete will completely remove the files with no backup and choosing to keep the files will move them to the SecureIT quarantine directory.

SecurityCoverage continues to raise the bar and we hope you enjoy these enhancements. As older versions of Windows stop receiving security updates from Microsoft, it’s more important than ever to upgrade any version of Windows prior to XP. Update your Windows operating system TODAY and stay protected with SecureIT, Password Genie and FileHopper!

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