filling-a-form1-300x199We live busy lives and the thought of tackling yet another online form or saving another password that we have to remember can be frustrating, overwhelming, and time consuming. In an age where ‘time’ is something we all wish we had more of, Password Genie is excited to continue to advance our products to be useful tools that can help you in your everyday life.

A 2012 study* found 44% of consumers felt online registration forms are too long, and more than 50% indicated they dislike the prospect of remembering another name or password.

Our latest Password Genie release for Android (updated 3/18/13), Windows and Mac lets you create profiles that you can use for form-filling. What does that mean? Ever have the long job application online to fill out? What about that billing and shipping form when you check out on a website? Setting up an account for yourself for a product or service? No problem! Simply choose the profile you want to use and Password Genie will fill in your profile, contact, credit card or bank information with just one click!

As if form-filling wasn’t a cool enough new feature, Password Genie also now lets you set birthday reminders. With the ability to set a reminder up to five (5) days, you can customize your reminders to show ages and send an email reminder for each individual birthday. No more last minute gift searching or belated birthday cards again!

Finally, because we know that you may have all your log ins tucked away in your browser, Password Genie gives you the ability to import your log ins from any of our supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari) at any time! Simply choose your browser and watch as we seamlessly make your transfer to Password Genie quick and easy!

With all these great new features we’re confident you’ll find Password Genie to be a convenient and easy solution for your busy life. We may not have more ‘time’ to give you, but we’re confident we can help you make the most of the time you do have!
* “Online Americans Fatigued by Password Overload” – Janrain. 8/23/12

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