Password Genie Android v4.0 Increases Online Productivity.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (March 18, 2013)
We all lead busy life styles! Working more hours, taking less vacation, extremely busy personal life, and even busier family dynamics… Who has time to shop? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that busy lifestyles lead to impulse buying. The introduction of smartphones and tablets into the ecommerce world takes our impulse buying tendencies to an all new level. Mobile technology is great and definitely assists in making our lives more productive. It’s so easy to breeze through websites with the swipe of your finger but one problem still persists. The lengthy process of filling in shopping cart details and setting up accounts. Combined with the fact that smartphone manufacturers are making less and less devices with physical keyboards, mobile ecommerce consumers are faced with a catch 22.

Recent market research and trending forecast suggest that of these “mobile shoppers”; 30% of buyers will actually go to the store after searching on their mobile device, and 33% will buy online from their computer after their mobile phone search. Isn’t that counter-productive?

SecurityCoverage Inc, has the solution. New features to their Password Genie v4.0 for Android, help mobile shoppers avoid these hassles at the “check-out lane” by auto-filling these forms and account set up process. Taking personal productivity to an all new high, Password Genie Android app will also allow users to set birthday reminders. Not only will you save time with online shopping, Password Genie also reminds you when and who you need to shop for! Set reminders, show ages, and even send an email reminder for each birthday.

Other very useful features of Password Genie Android include:

  • Safely store passwords and personal information like: pin numbers, credit card information, garage codes, frequent flyer numbers, prescriptions, insurance information, passport number, hotel cards, notes, and much more.
  • Save all of your usernames and passwords in one secure location so you never have to write them down on paper again.
  • Be confident that only you have access to your information, Password Genie uses industrial-strength encryption and security.
  • Import passwords from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Hotlink phone numbers for easy calling.

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SecurityCoverage, Inc. provides fully managed, fully supported, mobile and desktop computing security and technical support services to individual users through a partnership group of Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications and Cable companies, and other providers across the nation. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the privately-owned company offers Internet security protection, online data backup, password management, virtual PC repair, help desk support, and customer portal framework. Product and company information is available at

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