Sync your files and photos to your FileHopper cloud for instant access… now new for iPhone and iPad!

It’s just a fact of life that we lead busy lives. Time is something there is never enough of both personally and professionally. While we can’t solve the problem of ‘time’ for you, we can help make managing your life a little easier and lot more convenient.

With FileHopper for iOS you can upload your photos and files to your FileHopper folder and access them from anywhere you have FileHopper installed! The best part is that once you’ve purchased FileHopper for your iPad or iPhone, we provide you with a FREE desktop companion. Install your desktop companion on any Mac or PC and watch as all your photos, video, MP3’s and files sync seamlessly across all of your devices.

Have vacation photos or work files you’d like to have available offline? No problem! Mark any item as a favorite and you’ll not only have quick, convenient access to it, but you’ll be able to access it when your device isn’t connected to the Internet.

In addition, FileHopper iOS allows you to create new text documents for notes, reminders or lists. Once saved, that document will automatically be synced across all your FileHopper installations. Start with the Free version, which includes 2GB of cloud-based storage to edit and save your files, then upgrade to Premium to unlock another 3GB plus all the great features listed here, plus 24/7/365 live support and more!

So go ahead and give FileHopper a try. We can’t give you more time in your day, but we can help streamline your on-the-go lifestyle to be a little more manageable and a little less stressful!

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