Even with the massive increase in mobile malware, relentless attacks on desktop and laptop computers, and incidents reported from social sites like Twitter, Scribd, WordPress, Living Social and Vudu, hope is not lost. Consumers must prepare for a counter attack. Taking simple preventative measures, including OS updates, can stop up to 96% of all cyber attacks. Your mobile device protection force field should include anti-virus and malware protection, file protection and password security.


You wouldn’t let your home computer go unprotected and your mobile devices are nothing more than a miniature computer. Coupling it with powerful anti-theft features to lock, locate, message or wipe a stolen device protects you from electronic and physical threats.

Digital invaders want your data, so protecting your files, photos and contacts is crucial. Use secure cloud storage technology to keep your information and mobile lifestyle away from the front line of this battle. Having a secured in-the-cloud backup is the easiest way to restore any device with your family photos, documents, music, and more should it ever be lost, stolen or irreparably damaged.

Keeping your password secret is important. Using complex and unique passwords shields your identity from nasty invader probes. Because having complex and varied passwords is difficult to keep track of and remember, experts agree that getting a password manager to act as your password personal assistant is your best defense.



With better knowledge, simple preparation, and a force field infrastructure with the SecurityCoverage Mobile Suite, consumers can ward off digital attackers.


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