Having an online backup of your files, photos, music and videos is critical if you ever hope to get them back after a computer crash, phone theft, natural disaster or accidental spill that waterlogs your device. With Harris Interactive reporting that less than 10% of computer users back up their data, it’s clear we need a refresher course on why computer, smartphone and tablet users should backup their data.

  Encrypted cloud storage protects your valuable documents, music, photos, and other digital information by storing them safely in the cloud.

  Access your files anywhere you go without discs, flash drives or portable hard drives. Forgot the printed copy of your project at home? Log-in to FileHopper online from any computer and quickly print another copy.

  Keep control of your digital privacy. Share photos with friends or family over secured cloud servers so they can see what you’re up to without sharing them over social networks where the only thing keeping your photos private is a privacy setting.

  Share your progress on group projects with easy online access by the entire team to in-progress work.

  Back-up your smartphone’s contacts, photos and text messages in case it’s ever lost, stolen or damaged. When someone loses their phone, often the most difficult things to replace are personal photos.

  Backing up photos on a social network is inherently risky. Think of all social media real estate as rented, not owned.

FileHopper is a great way to automatically back-up all of your photos and any other important documents. Plus, have completely secure access to your documents on the go through any web browser or your tablet or smartphone. Take control of your digital life and be sure your important photos and files are there for you, no matter what life throws your way!

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