Sending your kids back to school is stressful, and many parents send their kids off with a cell phone as an insurance policy in case of emergency.  In fact, eHow Mom says emergency contact is the number one reason parents should get their child a smartphone. More than 37% of teens now have a smartphone, so how do you make sure they use it safely?

Anti-virus and anti-theft apps can help protect your child and their smartphone in a number of ways. Experts recommend at least three protection features be installed to keep your kid’s phone safe:

Anti-malware Protection: The anti-virus features built into SecureIT protect kids from phishing sites and malware. Children are prime targets for hackers because of their clean credit record and the lower likelihood of getting caught while engaging in fraudulent activity using a child’s personal information.

Parental Controls: SecureIT’s parental controls keep your child from visiting sites with inappropriate content or that allow online purchases to be made. They stay safe and you know their online activities are being monitored like they would be at home.

Anti-Theft: Alarms and GPS mapping help locate a lost phone or a missing child if the phone is with them. Remotely lock your child’s lost or stolen phone to prevent exploitation of social media sites, photos, calendar appointments and other information.  And remotely wipe the device if the phone cannot be recovered.

The question of when and what kind of phone to get your child depends on a lot of complex factors. How to protect them after your purchase is simple.  SecureIT offers all the anti-virus and anti-theft and parental control features to keep them protected and you stress free!

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