It’s hard to believe that SecurityCoverage was founded 10 years ago. In some ways we feel like we’ve been making technology and cyber security simple for much longer than 10 years and in others, it seems like we just got started. On this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking the time to look back at all the great experiences that shaped us and helped us grow into the strong corporation we are today.

We’ve partnered with some amazing companies all over the world and we’ve grown our product offerings in some pretty awesome ways. Starting out with a handful of employees and SecureIT, our easy to use internet security solution, we created a strong and loyal customer base. Things were going pretty great and we were connecting with our customers to find out what else they needed to stay safe online. And then, as if to better demonstrate the need for our latest product, the Cedar River flooded 10 square miles of downtown Cedar Rapids in 2008. Amidst the disaster clean-up efforts, we launched FileHopper for our customers to safely and securely backup and share their photos, videos, music, notes, and work documents. As password security became a hot topic in 2010, we launched Password Genie to give our customers a safe place to store all their usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, insurance info, prescription numbers and much more. In 2012 we joined the mobile revolution; bringing you the same great security products on Android and iOS platforms.

From the early days of getting our brand out there, through strong and prosperous partnerships, to the great opportunities in our future, we’d like to say thanks.

Thank you for a great ten years, and we look forward to a great many more!

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