How do I sync my mobile and desktop accounts?

Syncing your Password Genie mobile and desktop accounts is simple! Use your same master account e-mail and password across all your installations and watch as all of your devices seamlessly sync together!

Password Genie isn’t filling in one of my forms!

Password Genie’s form-fill function will not work in the default Android browser. This is a technical limitation as the Android browser does not permit third-party apps to add their own functionality to it. To use form-fill, you must launch the Password Genie browser from within the Password Genie app.

If you are using the Password Genie browser and still find that form-fill is not working on a site, please contact our technical support staff and let them know the exact site. Our development team can investigate the site and ensure our form-fill functions properly.

Do I have to have the desktop version of Password Genie in order to use iOS version?

No! Password Genie understands the importance of having a safe and secure password manager available to you when using your mobile device and conveniently provides you with the option of having a Password Genie for mobile account without requiring the desktop version to be installed.

Why does Password Genie have a camera?

Password Genie gives you the ability to take as many pictures as you would like and attach them to any entry. For example, saving your insurance card? No problem — simply take a picture of the front and the back of the card and always have an accompanying image with the saved entry! Please note: this function is only available if your device has a camera.

How do I download the Password Genie for mobile application?

Downloading the Password Genie application from the Apple iOS App Store is simple. Navigate to the App Store on your phone or home PC or Mac, and in the search box type “Password Genie.” You will see the Password Genie icon and application at the top of the list. Choose the application and press the “Install” button!

What type of security does the Password Genie provide for mobile support?

Password Genie for mobile is a fully encrypted and secure program. With 256-bit SSL and 256-AES, Password Genie for mobile keeps all your sensitive and private information safe and secure!

Is there a keyword search available in my Password Genie mobile application?

Yes! You can use any keyword you’d like to search for by entering the full or partial word into the search box at the top of any Password Genie screen. This will not only search the description of each entry but will search the entire entry for that specific criteria.

Why should I use Two Step Verification?

Two-step verification is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to your account. This second layer of security will help ensure your saved information is protected, even if someone has stolen or obtained your master password.

What is Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is an added layer of security for your Password Genie that is designed to prevent anyone other than you from accessing your Password Genie saved information – even if they have access to your master password.

With two-step verification enabled, you are required to enter your master password, as well as entering a code that will be sent to your master account e-mail address.

What are the system requirements for Password Genie iOS?

Operating Systems:
iOS 9 and above

Resource Requirements
10MB Free Storage Space
64MB Available RAM
WIFI or 3G Internet connection

Password Genie Secure Token

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What is a Secure Token?

What is the Secure Token used for?

Can I reset my PG Secure Token