Purchasing and maintaining your own mail servers can be costly and frustrating, and working with a budget hosted email provider is painful for you and your customers. SCMail white label email hosting removes all the headaches associated with maintaining your own on-premise mail servers and provides you a reliable and scalable solution with an easy-to-use administrative interface. SCMail empowers you, the service provider, to offer a quality email solution built on a leading platform and secure spam-filter technology. SCMail makes your lives easier while improving the customer experience.


500+ Million Mailboxes, 1000+ Government and Financial Institutions and 200k+ Businesses choose the same secure platform.

Redundant Systems

Virtually zero downtime with multiple system redundancies.

Powerful Spam Filter

Real-time blocklist rejects over two million spam messages a day and includes an anti-virus engine designed to detect threats that could reach your inbox.

Cost Effective

Trusted solution that will simplify setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce costs.

Seamless Migrations

A knowledgeable and experienced team to ensure a smooth email migration.

  • SCMail
    • 10GB max mailbox size
    • 100MB max message size
    • No sending limit
    • Exchange functionality for Outlook
    • Mobile integration (Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices)

Offering SCMail White Label Email Hosting

For more information on how easy it is to offer SCMail please contact SecurityCoverage.

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