SCMail is a hosted email solution that empowers you, the service provider, to offer the secure and robust email your customers need. SCMail provides email, calendar, contact management, advanced search, document and file storage with sharing, and much more. Built on a leading email hosting platform and using class-leading spam filter technology, SCMail is the email hosting solution you have been waiting for.

Secure & Reliable

Ample Quota Storage

Powerful Spam Tools


Seamless Migrations

Secure And Reliable Email

Security and reliability are the pillars of a great email experience. SCMail offers end-to-end encryption to ensure that your email stays protected and private, and our fully redundant network leaves your customers with virtually zero downtime. As an extra layer of security, we also offer two-factor authentication, allowing users to enable further protection on their accounts by requiring multiple forms of authentication.

Ample Quota Storage

Email offerings with a low quota storage limit requires discipline from users. Constantly cleaning out an inbox, or having to choose which emails are more important than others can be frustrating and time consuming. With SCMail your customers will no longer have to spend time dealing with exceeded quota messages or deleting messages that might come in handy later. SCMail includes 10GB of storage with upgrade options available, while our Professional version comes with 50GB.

Powerful Spam Tools

Spam is annoying, but more importantly, it can be dangerous! Email is the most common attack vector for cybercriminals, as they often disguise malicious activity in the form of attachments or spoofed email addresses designed to trick you into giving up your personal data. SCMail has you covered with a combination of robust spam-filtering, anti-virus protection, and custom real-time blacklists designed to block messages before they ever hit inboxes. Our custom solution averages over two million spam messages blocked a day!

2 Million Spam Messages Blocked Per Day


The way that consumers and businesses use email has evolved with the propensity of mobile devices; make sure your email solution supports their needs. SCMail includes ActiveSync’s push technology, which helps establish the highest integration between PC’s and mobile devices. Changes to email are synchronized in real time – no refreshing required – meaning users will be updated about the latest changes in their email, calendars and tasks instantly, across all of their devices, on any email client they’d prefer.

Seamless Migrations

Our email team has over 25 years of email administration experience, and is committed to providing a migration process that is both smooth and effective. We’ll provide you with a dedicated migration team that has flexible timelines, established procedures and checklists, and even customer notification templates to maximize awareness and create excitement for your enhanced solution.

Offering SCMail

SecurityCoverage can help you provide your entire network with hosted email. Let our experienced email team help ensure a smooth integration. For more information on how easy it is to offer SCMail please contact SecurityCoverage.

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