Wi-Fi Support

The average U.S. broadband household has 9.2 connected devices in their household. This number is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. Additionally, 63% of consumers have issues with their Wi-Fi. When those issues arise, consumers don’t separate the reason for their poor Wi-Fi experience from the ISP. Monetize the coming wave of Wi-Fi devices and the resulting technology challenges with SecurityCoverage Wi-Fi Support.


From Wi-Fi setup through ongoing use, our Wi-Fi experts are available to provide your customers with a premium Wi-Fi experience. Our DirectCONNECT tool allows for remote access to customers networks so we can troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues remotely. Plus, our Identi-Fi app allows for quick analysis of in-home Wi-Fi. This helps by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing truck rolls. Wi-Fi Support can be included with your internet plans, through a Wi-Fi Support program or a la carte.

  • Common Wi-Fi Support Services
    • Validate signal strength and suggest improvements
    • Access customer router using DirectCONNECT
    • Recommend extenders, access points or hardware replacement
    • Wi-Fi naming convention to avoid conflicts with other Wi-Fi networks
    • Firmware updates
    • Education on Wi-Fi performance vs. Internet speed
    • Bandwidth requirements and data cap education
    • Optimized use of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
    • Wireless performance characteristics of 802.11b, g, n, ac
    • Content controls/Internet access scheduling
    • Validate encryption key
    • Validate connected devices
    • Resolve issues remotely
    • Proactive checklist and reference materials to minimize future frustration
    • Direct chat available
    • Identi-Fi: Wi-Fi analysis app
    • 24/7 phone, chat and email support

Wi-Fi Support Includes

Identi-Fi for desktop, Android and iOS is designed to help end-users improve their Wi-Fi experience. This tool provides meaningful analysis of the wireless environment to reduce repeat Wi-Fi related calls.

Offering Wi-Fi Support

SecurityCoverage can help you become the go-to choice for Wi-Fi Support. We’ll work with you to create a premium Wi-Fi experience for your customers. For more information on how to offer Wi-Fi Support please contact SecurityCoverage.

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