John KaufmannDirector of Business Development

    Director of Business Development, John Kaufmann, is responsible for thinking outside of the box to create opportunities in new verticals. He was recruited for his ability to create meaningful partnerships and his straight forward, no nonsense attitude.

    Prior to joining SecurityCoverage, John had spent the last 15 years in and around the subscription-based home services industry. For nearly 10 years, he worked for one of the largest Dish Network retailers as the Director of Sales and then as the Director of Business Development. Additionally, he started his own call center to take calls for other Dish Network retailers. He saw an opportunity to capitalize on their inability to staff to their peak call volumes and created an opportunity out of their need. He spent 2014 and 2015 as an independent consultant for call centers and marketing agencies.

    He currently lives in Houston, TX with his wife and their 5 children, but was born and raised in the Midwest. We look forward to John helping us grow our business through new channels.