Ian MartinAccount Manager

    Ian Martin, Account Manager, primarily manages SecurityCoverage’s current partnerships in our Telco channel.

    Ian joined SecurityCoverage in February 2015 as a Team Lead. During his time as Team Lead, his teams have held the record for the most sales in all but 3 months.Prior to joining SecurityCoverage, Ian served as a Supervisor for Thomas L. Cardella & Associates from 2013 until joining SecurityCoverage in 2015. During his tenure at TLC, Ian managed multiple inbound and outbound calling programs including Wall Street Journal, political polling, lead generation, and Verizon outbound sales. While managing sales programs, Ian’s teams consistently delivered the highest amount of sales.

    Ian has also held roles in customer service, such as with US Cellular, where he won multiple awards for providing customers with excellent levels of customer service. With 8 years of managerial experience Ian strives to facilitate growth and positive change, looking to improve upon customer experience and partner relations. A native of Iowa, Ian has also lived in Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota.