Congratulations! Identi-Fi is installed and is working full-time to help you monitor everything that’s connected to your wireless networks.  Now lets get started with Identi-Fi iOS!

Do you have any other devices that connect to Wi-Fi in your home?  Laptops?  Tablets?  Good news!  Once you’ve purchased the premium version, you can install Identi-Fi on any of them – we’ve given you an unlimited number of installs, and we’ll let you install on (almost) any platform you wish.  Android, iOS, Windows, macOS – we have you covered.  There are even more features on our macOS version including a real time signal strength reader, a network analyzer, and a way to easily manage your networks!

Connected Devices:

You’ll see Identi-Fi’s Connected Devices screen as soon as you open the app.  It’s always important to know who and what is connected to your network at any given time.  Identi-Fi can help you get this information quickly, and you won’t have to bend over backwards to do it.

All you need to do is press the “Scan” button as shown below, and let Identi-Fi do the rest!

Get Started with Identi-Fi iOS - Connected Devices

Once the scan is completed, you’ll be able to see every device connected to your network, sorted by IP address, with some information on each device, including: IP Address, MAC Address, the device name, and the manufacturer.

Speed Test:

You can now run a Speed Test in Identi-Fi! This will help you check to see what speeds you are getting on your wireless network. To do that just click on the Scan button in the Speed Test tab and click the Go button to start the speed test! The speed test will check for latency, download, and upload speeds.

Easy, right?  As always, all SecurityCoverage apps are supported by US-based techs, so if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!