Every day, telecom, cable and service providers trust SCSupport to extend their brand through our Midwest-based help desk support and telecom customer service. Our experienced, friendly technical support staff are trained without a script. Instead, we utilize problem solving techniques that promote intelligence and flexibility rather than memorization. We are committed to providing an outstanding experience for you and your customers, helping to quickly resolve issues and reduce the frequency of truck rolls.

Triple Play Support (and more)

Supporting triple play means having expert knowledge on a wide variety of equipment as well as shifts in technology. We accomplish this through superior training, tools and a vast knowledge-base that is continually updated with information on new devices. You benefit from branded voice, video and data support delivered 24|7|365. We take care of challenging staffing issues and support your equipment from our call center, integrating deeply into your systems and driving one-call resolution in excess of 80%.


Our hiring practices and commitment to managing our services exclusively in-house mean your customers get truly world-class service. Our passion for solving technical problems without “tech-speak” leads to an exceptional experience and satisfied customers. After all, we know a happy and well-trained technician will stay with us for years and ultimately provide the best level of service for your customer.

Warranty Triage

Nearly a quarter of all hardware warranty claims are actually software problems. SCSupport keeps claim frequency and severity manageable, reducing your cost and enhancing the customer experience by eliminating shipping and depot repair hassles.

Reporting Systems

You need transparency. SCSupport provides you with the real-time information you need to manage your customers. This includes robust ticketing, reporting and survey systems. With daily call reports providing data at 30 minute intervals, you’ll always be informed of your customer’s calling patterns.

SecurityCoverage can help you exceed your customer’s support expectations with 24|7|365 Midwest-based support. We do all the heavy lifting with integration, ticketing, infrastructure and staffing. For more information on how to implement SCSupport please contact SecurityCoverage.

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