Desktop Security

Anti-virus - Real time protection against viruses, worms, trojans and rootkits.

Anti-spyware - Real time protection against spyware, key loggers and other malware programs.

Hands-free security updates - No user interaction required.

SecureIT Plus

Great for connected families, SecureIT Plus does it all. You get all the standard features plus parental controls, content filtering and disk defragmentation to keep your computer not only protected but optimized. One SecureIT Plus license per computer.


SecureIT Plus

Real time protection against viruses, worms, trojans, and rootkits.
Real time protection against spyware, key loggers, and other malware programs.
Hands-Free Updates
No user interaction required.
Personal Firewall
Prevent hackers from entering your computer.
Online Reporting
See important real-time details for every security threat stopped.
24/7 Technical Support
We provide the ultimate support via chat, phone and remote PC support.
Hard Drive Defrag
Ensure your PC runs at optimal performance with disk defragmentation software.
Parental Controls
Restricts access to unsuitable web pages; controls how people are using the Internet.
Guaranteed Protection
Requires Supported Remote Installation on a clean PC.
Bloatware Scanning and Removal
Scan your PC for known bloatware programs and start the removal process of those programs.
Ransomware Detection
Scans your PC for common ransomware and behaviors, then quarantines.

System Requirements

Operating System Support
All Windows 10 Editions
All Windows 8 Editions
All Windows 7 Editions
Resource Requirements
Processor: Pentium 4 or newer; AMD Athlon or newer
Available Hard Disk Space: 400MB
RAM: 1GB On Windows 7 or newer
Administrative Privileges
Broadband or Dial-up Internet connection