Father’s Day is this weekend. You didn’t forget did you? No worries if you did, we’ve got you covered on gift ideas. Below are some excellent Father’s Day gifts for the tech-savvy Dad. While you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, there are some precautions that should be taken when Dad opens the box and starts using.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System and Extender- $239.00

Possibilities: No more deadzones! With the Eero system you get whole home Wi-Fi coverage to take full advantage of the speed you are paying for. Sleek design and great features gives you full control over the home Wi-Fi experience.

Pitfalls: Setup of routers and extenders is sometimes cumbersome. While Eero includes an app to guide you through setup, sometimes this isn’t enough. With Wi-Fi Support our techs can walk you through setup all the way through locking down your Wi-Fi with a strong password so nobody is piggybacking off your Internet.

Nest Indoor Security Camera – $169 each

Possibilities: Watch the interior of the home with a live 1080p HD stream. The Nest Indoor camera is able to notify Dad of movement in the home, lets him see in the dark with night vision mode and even talk and listen through the built-in microphone and speaker.

Pitfalls: What if someone were able to access that camera and see inside the home? Well that is exactly what happened to this Houston couple and many others. Using a method called “credential stuffing” hackers are able to gain and use commonly used credentials to access indoor security cameras. Strong, complex passwords are a must for these accounts. Password Genie can help create these complex passwords with the touch of a button.

Roomba – $248

Possibilities: Keep the garage floor clean with this automatic, robotic, vacuum! The Roomba works well on carpeted and hard floors and after its done cleaning, returns to the charging dock. Roomba can also be controlled via an app, so you can schedule cleaning and manually start.

Pitfalls: Roomba knows where to go by building digital maps of the interior of the home. Roomba itself has admitted this and has said that, with customer permission, they could share this map data with third parties. While they may have good intentions with this, we all know that big companies are susceptible to hacks just like us. What could a cybercriminal do with a full map of the interior of your home?

23andMe DNA Health & Ancestry Test – $149

Possibilities: With the 23andMe DNA Health & Ancestry kit, Dad can find out his ancestral make up and possible health dispositions. All with a single saliva test. 85 different reports are available on the website to give Dad tons of important genetic information.

Pitfalls: Depending on the information given during the testing process, identity theft is definitely a concern. Possibly more concerning is the hacking and leaking of DNA information. Last year, MyHeritage revealed a hack of 92 million accounts. While the hackers didn’t receive the DNA info in this case, there are some concerns on what could be done with that info. Medical data could be sold on the dark web, released or held ransom. There are a number of scenarios where you could be denied services due to a genetic predisposition to certain diseases. Who knows what else could be done with DNA information in the future?

While new technology can be great, it is important that they adequately protect themselves. Tech Home can help with options that offer cybersecurity, file backup, password management and premium technical support. Look for Tech Home Premier, available in Q3, which will add identity protection, more device coverage and more file backup space!

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