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In the past year alone, more than 7.1 million smartphones were damaged, lost or stolen in the US. Worse, victims had nowhere to turn when confronted with the fact that their phone or tablet was simply...gone.

PhoneProtectSM from SecurityCoverage, Inc. is your answer! For just $5 per month, you get full-time device and data protection, plus emergency assistance to help you recover and protect one of your most valued possessions.

Just one call and you can rest easy, knowing your private information is protected. And if the worst happens, the PhoneProtectSM team springs into action to help you recover your mobile lifestyle. That's mobile peace of mind from PhoneProtectSM

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Emergency Recovery

Emergency Recovery

Helpful technicians intiate location and recovery for missing devices.

  • Professional staff available round the clock
  • Immediate response in critical first minutes increases recovery rates
  • Support to secure or wipe your personal information when recovery fails
Data Protection

Data Protection

Cloud services keep your personal information private.

  • Backup your contacts, SMS and call records
  • Securely store and share all your files, photos and videos
  • Encrypt and store financial, secure logins and other personal information
Device Protection

Device Protection

Maximum strength protection keeps you connected and safe from mobile threats.

  • Security against mobile malware and virus threats
  • Web filters keep you safe from fraudulent and phishing web content
  • Personal locate and alarm functions for lost phone recovery

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